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Image of Button maker

Button maker

Do you want to design and make your own button? We have the quipment needed to make your own buttons, and it's free! You can make buttons in the size 25mm, 37mm and 56mm in diameter. 

If you want to generate a pdf in the right size you can do it here

A description of how to use the machine can be found here (in Norwegian).

If you need more parts in a given size or there is not more of the size you want, contact us on mail or come by on weekdays between 12-18 (usually fastest). 


(If you are going to  make a lot of identical buttons- for example for an organisation or linjeforening- contact us in MAKE NTNU beforehand. Up to 50 buttons is free, but after that you pay for the button parts. Price varies depending on the button size, but it is about 3nok per piece. You pay if you are "mass producing", but if you are 100 people making one button each it is still free.)