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Makerverkstedet is open!

Opening of Makerverkstedet 08/17/2020

Makerverkstedet is now open! Apart from the standard rules for use of the workshop and NTNU’s guidelines for infection control, we have decided on some additional guidelines:


- If you want to sit and work in the workshop, you must book a spot. There are 10 spots at the tables, 3 spots for soldering irons and 2 spots for PCs available. You can book a spot on our website. Sewing machines must be booked in addition to a table spot.

- No more than 3 people can stay in the 3D printer room at the same time. 3D printers are booked as usual.

- After using the workshop, disinfect the spot and tools that you used. Disinfectant is available in the workshop.

- Face masks should be used in the workshop.


We welcome you all back and hope everyone will show consideration.